A Passion Rant - Nicole Le Roux, A Telling Collective

April 2, 2010

 "A quick passion rant... I come from South Africa from the Afrikaaners who created and implemented apartheid. I grew up in silences amongst people with deep seated hatred. My story is about how silence cycles hatred, and how our stories are connected. Ubuntu. What affects you, affects me. I've worked with people to create spaces for them to tell their stories - mostly in Springfield, South Africa, and East Africa. Most recently I've been focusing my work with white people to push through that silence barrier that keeps coming up... But I am also really stepping into my own performance work as a parallel vehicle for voice. We've got to do this with ourselves when we do it with others!"

Nicole le Roux
A Telling Collective
Mapping Individual Truth, Drawing Collective Power

A Kukummi Initiative


Write Out Loud - Updates/Ongoing Projects 2010

April 2, 2010

Hello Write Out Loud Supporters, Fans, Friends!


This past year has been challenging for us here at WOL; we have experienced triumph and a bit of disappointment. First let me share the exciting news that we have moved into office space at 99 Bishop Allen Drive in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This is in collaboration with the Sudan Reach Women's Foundation - www.sudanreach.org.


We hosted our first conference this past Saturday and while the turn out was not what we anticipated, I know we m...

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