WRITE OUT LOUD:transforming our lives through writing


Executive Summary

Write Out Loud: Transforming lives through writing our truths is a non-profit organization fiscally sponsored by South End Press (The Institue for Social and Cultural Change) serving women who are economically and socially marginalized by engaging  them to document their life stories.  The program targets residents of the Roxbury, Dorchester and Mattapan neighborhoods by working with other non- profit agencies to introduce the workshop to their clients.

Too often mainstream media ignore or mistranlates the voices and lives of women who are immigrants, poor, or lack certain academic credentials There are other realties outside of the stories documented by big media – Write Out Loud is a space for these voices to be heard and more importantly documented. Women are introduced to the concepts of Writing as Witnessing and are encouraged to “Write it Life it is” Furthermore, women are introduced to other women writers such as Sonia Sanchez, Zora Neale Hurston and Gloria Naylor: Women who took up the pen and wrote the truth of their own experiences.

The workshop gives women the ability to bring their life stories in from the margins. By speaking for themselves, they are empowered to live outside the gated community of stereotypes and misleading statistics that may be discouraging to them in their everyday lives. Putting their truths on paper and speaking what they have written aloud is an impetus to change. The goal is to invalidate misconceptions about race, class, and gender by diversifying the media landscape. Write Out Loud also seeks to motivate women to take steps towards grass roots social activism by putting value in their own voices and experiences.




One day all individuals will have fair and equal representation in mainstream media, be treated with dignity and respect in order to encourage and facilitate fairness and equality in the global distribution of educational resources and wealth.




The mission of Write Out Loud is to diversify the media landscape by introducing the writing of women and those who have been traditionally marginalized by mainstream media because of social and economic factors.  By empowering these individuals, we will give them the tools and confidence needed to affect great change in their lives and communities.  By exploring the inherent polarity of voice and experience through reading, writing development and work sharing, we will also be preparing individuals to be strong and compassionate community organizers and leaders.  The introduction of their collected written works into a larger media forum will also bring attention to the challenges and success experienced by these women and their communities.




Write Out Loud: Transforming Our Lives through Writing Our Truths operates as a business with a compassionate mission by maintaining integrity in our actions and relationships.  We work with non-profits and individuals from diverse cultures throughout and surrounding the city of Boston.


v     We honor the Christian value of seeking to bring justice and hope to the poor.

v     We work with non-profit organizations that demonstrate genuine concern and care for their constituent’s welfare.

v     We provide educational resources and an open, safe opportunity/forum for participants to share their ideas without harsh criticism or judgment.

v     We build sustainable operations by working with a variety of organizations, presenting at conferences around the country, including a network of organizations with a common identity.

v     In consideration of the environment, we use resources carefully and value volunteers who work with us in our programs.
















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